About the Map

Milton Schultz - CreatorThis map in its original form (pictured below) was created by my grandfather, Milton Schultz in 1970 and was framed which preserved the quality/color over time. He was an avid stamp and coin collector but died several years after he created this piece of art. As a child I also collected stamps and always had an affection for this map which was originally hung in his home office until the map was given to me as a gift.  Forty years later my vision to use his creation took shape. This project is born from my passion for art, love of old maps and wanting to share my grandfather’s creation with others.

The state specific stamps in this map are from 1926 to 1969 and depict different Statehood Anniversaries, Centenary, Tercentenary, National Landmarks, Memorials or Special Event for each state. Click 'The Stamps' tab above to view a complete listing of each state stamp.

The unique aspect of this map is that a majority of these stamps were cancelled and therefore used at one time, adding to the potential journey they traveled before being collected. There is no record of why each specific state stamp was used versus another for that state, but if you read the history behind each stamp you will probably find the answer. (See the website www.1847USA.com or www.hobbizine.com to identify and read about these stamps from this time period)Original Stamp Map

Today’s Stamp Map print includes borders and markings reminiscent of older vintage & antique maps adding a finished quality to this piece that can stand on its own or within a frame. The longitude and latitude lines were hand drawn to keep continuity with the cancellation marks on the stamps. The beauty of this map comes from the variety of colors, inks and printing methods used in each original stamp which is preserved by current state of the art printing.